"His capability to see real issues below the surface and find ways to address them in a manner that will ensure lasting improvement is a rare gift. I recommend Chris to anybody who wants to go to the root of real issues related to team dynamics and people capabilities. It can be a great ride if you allow yourself to take it."

HY Zhang,
Director, Product Integrity
Global Beverage Company
"At a recent Asia Pacific Regional External Affairs Meeting in Shanghai, China, Chris staged an especially innovative workshop for some 40 participants. The 'players' were assigned to a manufacturing operation - 'a tile maker's factory'. Here they fulfilled all the traditional management roles under realistic time and cost pressures.Strengths and weaknesses in individuals, and in the company structure were revealed.It contirmed opinions we held about certain procedures we felt were inhibiting thedevelopment of interdependency in a non-cultural work environment. With modification in the workshops, real life personal and group behaviour wasimproved, and conflicts were resolved, without disruption to the day to day workingsof the company."

W M Thomson
External Affairs
Asia Pacific
Global Chemical Company

Individuals & groups

We are often asked if the key to excellence is at the individual or group level. It exists, of course, at both. They are intimately connected and you need to work at both levels to achieve optimum impact.

The success of a group depends upon the skills and thinking of key individuals. On the flip side, groups often fail because of problems with key people.

At the same time, individuals are greatly affected by the groups they belong to. Group dynamics and communication patterns can help ordinary individuals perform in extraordinary ways. Or just the opposite. They can also prevent extraordinary individuals from producing anything of value.

It is essential to discover whether development work is needed at the individual or group level, or both.

This means we sometimes focus on higher-level issues of an organization such as strategy and its implementation. At other times, we go deep into personal issues affecting individuals, or the group they belong to.

Ultimately we create pathways to new possibilities.